The Argent Society

The Argent Society is prides itself on collecting every Awakened of the Pentacle residing in the heart of Chicago.  Part cabal, part Consilium, the memerbership of the Society numbers just above one dozen of The Wise.  The Society keeps a communal house at 1900 Prairie Avenue in the Elbridge Keith house which it acquired in 1922.  Located less than 1 mile from the lake, and located just south of the downtown district, the house is accessible to nearly all walks of life.

The Society is composed primarily of members of the Silver Ladder and Mysterium Orders with a health amount of both Adamantine Arrow and Free Council mages.  The Guardians of the Veil have a nominal presence, but the majority of this Order's Chicago presence is concentrated in a cabal in North Town.

In addition to being the sole bastion of The Pentacle in the area, the Society has at least 3 Master level mages among it's leadership.  As a result it is more or less acknowledged as a Consilium in it's own right by the local and greater Caucuses.

Farseeker:  Aeon
Doorwarden:  Artemis
Hearthmaster:  Vixen
Lorekeeper:  Mammon
Edgetender:  Mordu

The Argent Society

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