Papa Legba - DECEASED


Tall, muscular, and dark skinned, this well-dressed man has been witnessed by Awakened drifting through high society functions without drawing the attention one would expect in the race and class divided society of 1920s Chicago. Those that have noticed him also have noticed him employing Mind magic to assist in this endeavor.


Long-Term Nimbus: Currently unknown

Immediate Nimbus: Whispers of confessions and prayer with strands of sliver and black in the air and a sense of deep reverence and purpose.
Nimbus Tilt: Those experiencing the nimbus find a sense of purpose and gain +1 Resolve

Signature Nimbus: Eternal Silence


First seen masquerading as a guest of an invitation only Gala at the Field Museum, this man’s exact purpose at the museum is unknown, but likely has something to do with the traveling Ancient Egyptian Artifacts collection being celebrated. He brought several thugs with him to assist, and they moved early when the presence and actions of a number of local Awakened forced his hand.

Known Abilities and Associations

Path Unknown
Displayed spell at least an Apprentice of Mind ability
Order Association Unknown
Cabal Association Unknown

Papa Legba - DECEASED

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