Annie Oakley


Annie is a young Awakened woman with copper-red hair and a gaze that seems to bore into whatever has caught her focus most recently. She is a fierce ally and a determined foe.


Long Term Nimbus: Electronics tend to short out when she’s upset or excited, and wear out faster.

Immediate NImbus: A fanfare of personal music and the scent of electric fires.
Nimbus Tilt: Swell of awe and confidence grant +1 Presence

Signature Nimbus: The scent of ozone in the air accompanied by bursts of static


While Annie is nominally a member of The Argent Society her loyalty is first and foremost to the Adamantine Arrow. She is quite often absent from the Society House for weeks or months on assignment. Her most recent assignment has left her absent for well over 6 months. While some have wondered to this extended absence the Arrows present at the house do not seem concerned.

She was recently spotted working undercover as a docent at the Field Museum wearing a name tag reading, “Ms. McKenzie.”

Known Abilities and Associations

Disciple of Forces
Talon of the Adamantine Arrow

Annie Oakley

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