The Abedju Cipher


This golden bracelet has three inlaid gems (ruby, diamond and lapis) set in a triangular pattern and is ornately etched with designs that appear, at first glance, to be tiny rows of hieroglyphics. When examined more closely, the glyphs are actually written in a far older script, indecipherable to all but a few learned Seers (and even fewer venerable Pentacle mages). The true provenance of the bracelet is now lost to the inexorable passage of history.

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Little is known for certain about the enigmatic Atlantean artifact known as the Abedju Cipher. Its history is fraught with peril and intrigue. Rumors abound as to the purpose of this artifact or what properties it actually possesses. Indeed, few stories even mention it’s abilities, and among those that do none agree on the precise details. Still, those who have had a chance to examine the artifact claim it’s Mystery runs so deep that it would take the study of years by a master to unravel all the secrets it holds.

The Abedju Cipher

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