What did I do to the watch?



Long Term Nimbus: All clocks and time pieces in his vicinity tend to run in synchronicity. His long-term nimbus is strong enough that even clocks set to wildly different times will chime together and the same hour within a day or so of being in his presence.

Immediate Nimbus: Time seems to distort and bend like light in a lens. This can be visual as time sensitive things such as motion fluctuate where they should not, and it is almost always cognitively disorienting. For the uninitiated and unsuspecting the effect can be down right nauseating.
Nimbus Tilt: -2 Dexterity and -1 Wits. As an additional effect, anyone reduced to 0 Dexterity must roll Resolve + Stamina to avoid vomiting.

Signature Nimbus: The echo of a ticking clock.


Known Abilities and Associations

2nd degree master of Time & Fate
Claviger of the Silver Ladder
Farseeker of The Argent Society


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